Our commitment to the environment really shows

green15 As long time residents my family not only operates our business here, we live here. For generations we have enjoyed all that central Ohio has to offer outdoors. We have beautiful parks, rivers, streams, farms and countless other wonderful yet environmentally sensitive treasures.

For this reason we have invested more than $350,000 in new technology and industry leading equipment that further insures our business provides a needed service in the most environmentally responsible manner.

Please click on the videos below and see the media coverage of the facts that separate our business from the average businesses in our industry.

We hope you appreciate the investment in the interest of your families and ours.

We have invested more than $350,000 in new technology and industry leading equipment

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Because we have one central plant fed by five stores and over 2,500 home delivery clients, we have enough work to classify the garments and allow staff members to focus on the care of specific garments, fabrics, and even shades and colors. For instance we have a trousers finisher that specifically handles just the dark shades of trousers.

We have two specialists handling only blouses and suit coats. We have over 60 staff members and they are experts and have more experience in their specific area in a week than some technicians get in year.

We believe you have come to us to make an investment in your image. Our image is a reflection of you. Trust us with your fine garments before the big meeting or the first date. Our experts will make sure you look your best!

Dublin Cleaners is proud to have made significant investments in equipment that helps us provide environmentally-responsible cleaning without compromising quality.

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