Wedding Dress Cleaning

We all know there’s a lot to coordinate when it comes to planning a wedding. Dublin Cleaners Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation exists with one goal in mind: Allowing you to relax while we handle the details. Our highly experienced bridal staff works with you to arrange spot cleaning if necessary, pressing and assistance to the mother of the bride and bridesmaids. With your wedding dress pressing, you will receive a complimentary Wedding Day Emergency Kit that can be an absolute lifesaver in a pinch!

Wedding Dress Pressing

We will give your wedding dress one final pressing to freshen it up and make it look flawless for the big day.

How it works: We carefully press, hand steam and stuff your wedding dress with tissue so it can travel safely.

Why get a wedding dress pressing? Often times a wedding dress may arrive folded in a box or been hanging in the closet for too long. A professional pressing from our experts will make sure you feel comfortable, confident and look great!

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

The Dublin Cleaners Wedding Day Emergency Kit is absolutely vital to have on hand. We give you the tools you need to handle most any situation with extra needle and thread, safety pins, and other items. Hopefully there won’t be any hiccups with your dress, but if there are, it sure is great to have our kit by your side.

The kit includes:

  • $40 Gift Certificate for Bridal Gown Preservation
  • Stain Removal Kit
  • cotton balls, Q-tips, lint roller
  • mouthwash, hand lotion, tissues,
  • sewing kit, bobbie pins, safety  pins,
  • band-aids, Emory board, etc.

We’ve heard brides describe this kit as a lifesaver and credit it for catastrophe aversion before they went down the aisle.

Mother of the Bride or Groom and Bridesmaids

motherbride Let’s not forget these important folks! Dublin Cleaners provides last minute pressing services for all the members of your wedding party. We want to make sure everyone is up there looking fantastic.

Pre-Wedding FAQs

We can store it here if needed. Please do come and inspect the dress when we are finished to be sure we’ve made every detail to your exact request. After that, pick it up any time you like including on your way to the ceremony. If that is not an option bring the largest car you have and drape it across the seats or through the back of a van or SUV.

When you get home hang it as high as possible with nothing in contact at the top. Sweep the back and train out just as if it were going down the aisle. Also before the wedding hang your dress so it’s not exposed to direct sunlight and also where the dress will not be accessible to small children or house pets.

If you were well prepared you invested $10 in our Wedding Day Emergency Kit. It is available at our plant location at 6845 Caine Road, Columbus, OH or you can call ahead to the location nearest you and ask for one to be sent there.  Allow two days for this option.

Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit is complimentary to the bride with her gown pressing. It has everything you’ll need to handle the situation in a hurry including sewing and spot removal. Keep in mind even weddings that appeared perfect had at least something go wrong.

Being prepared and keeping a positive attitude will get you through anything. At our ceremony my wife and I nearly bumped into the florist as they ran across the alter so late they were putting up flowers after the first three sets of attendants. Nobody but us even remembers it and now it’s a funny story we tell years later.

Trusted Since 1934

Since 1934 only four people have been trusted with your gown at Dublin Cleaners. We have the best wedding dress preservationists, just ask any local bridal boutique.

Additionally, we are the only Museum Style provider in the Central Ohio area. Dublin Cleaners is a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. This means that we give you a guarantee of satisfaction honored by wedding dress and formal wear specialists in more than 500 major cities around the world. There is simply no other garment care specialist of our caliber for your most treasured dress in all of Central Ohio. View our work in restoration and cleaning.

Dublin Cleaners is proud to have made significant investments in equipment that helps us provide environmentally-responsible cleaning without compromising quality.

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