Important Slight Change to Delivery Service

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First, thank you tremendously for your patronage.  It’s always been treasured, maybe now more than ever.  We are going to make a very slight change to our service to continue to provide top quality full service and achieve the following goals:

  • Address labor shortages.
  • Reduce price increases to you resulting from inflation of our costs.
  • Lessen our environmental impact by reducing mileage on our fleet.

Starting soon, if we don’t have a delivery to bring you the next day, we’ll text you the night before to check if you’ll have an outgoing bag.  We’ll need you to reply with 1 character to let us know you plan to place a bag out.

In the past we’ve tried asking customers to reply if they won’t have a bag, and it’s been confusing and causing us to make many more stops than necessary.  The texts are so easy that we hope you’ll not mind a quick check and one button reply or ignore.

If you prefer not to receive texts, you’ll be able to use our mobile appwebsite, or call 614-766-SPOT option 2.   The app and website are much preferred to calling because they will give you instant options and confirmation.  It’s proven to be a much more reliable method and far quicker more convenient for clients.

We truly hope you appreciate our efforts to deploy technology to serve you just as much as you usually need and not simply rubber stamp price increase to match those we’ve been receiving.  We can’t promise there won’t be any increases, just that we’ll look for every way to minimize them.

Please also be sure to have your pick-up bags out by 7:00 AM.  We’ll  be on more variable schedules and won’t have as much of a routine time we arrive.

Should you wish to express any feelings, feedback, and especially any dissatisfaction please contact us here.

**If you are on delivery and not getting text messages the evening before pick-up please log in and confirm we have your mobile # on file.  If we do and you are still not getting them please text “Start” to 614-505-4066.**


NEWLY ADDED 10/26/21!

Don’t want routine texts or to download an app?  Be sure we have your mobile # in our system by contacting us and let us know you don’t want regular reminders and you’ll text us.  Save 614-505-4066 in your phone as a contact.  Any time you have cleaning text the word “visit” and it will reply giving you options and confirm your next pick-up, all instantly.  Takes mere seconds and no routine texts and no app to download.