Our best and most regular customers deserve recognition and a little thanks for the volume.  For this we’ve set up a streamlined rewards program to earn free cleaning for your loyalty.

It’s simple!  No card, no hoops.  It can even be delivered via email, which is critical for delivery customers.  Do your usual cleaning and when the points reach 100 you will be awarded a certificate for a FREE Cleaning of a Sweater or Trousers up to $10 Value.

The Certificate is actually good for nearly all our single top or bottom pieces such as skirts, golf shirts, blouses, shorts, etc. We just can’t fit all that on the text of the certificate and trousers and sweaters are our most common items.

To be clear they are not redeemable for laundered shirts.  Why?  We get so many laundered shirts every week they have to work Saturdays some weeks to get them done.  They are a low price and low margin item and we’d rather give you more reward from a more expensive item than for us to have to stay late for more shirts.

Rewards points accumulate with spending as follows:

Shirt Laundry 1 point earned for every $3 spent
Dry Cleaning 1 point earned for every $2 spent
Home Goods, Rugs, Draperies 1 point earned for every $2 spent
Suede, Leather, Fur, Handbags 1 point earned for every $2 spent

If your email is on file these certificates will be emailed to you automatically.  Walk in customers will be printed at the register.  Simply (print if emailed) drop them in the bag or present them with the next incoming order. They are good for 30 days from issue.

We truly appreciate your business and hope you appreciate the rewards!

how can we help you?

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