Laundry Pick Up Service

Saves You Time
Friendly Drivers
Free of Charge

Laundry pick up and drop off and delivery service has never been easier, and it’s FREE. No more trips to the dry cleaners, no more “Honey, I forgot to pick up your suit” the night before the big meeting.

It’s so easy: you set up a schedule that meets your needs. We supply a reusable laundry bag, you simply drop in your laundry and leave it for our driver. When everything’s clean, crisp and ready, our driver brings it back to your home or office.

We would like to pick up and deliver your laundry for free! Our trucks are most likely already in your neighborhood, so let us do the work.

If you make a trip to the cleaners about once a week, you are perfect for our weekly laundry service. Customers with less frequent orders are set up on a “call in” basis.

Ready to Get Started?

Sign-up for a FREE trial. You have nothing to lose except time in traffic, errand fatigue and excuses for forgetfulness.   The best way is to download our mobile app from The Apple App Store or Google Play.  It is the best way to interact electronically.

How it Works


Download our mobile app from The Apple App Store or Google Play.   Sign up and we’ll confirm your service, giving you all the supplies to use.


Put your garments out on your designated days (we visit twice a week, or on demand)


We carefully handle your items and return them to you clean and crisp


Billing is automatic so there’s nothing to worry about

Before you sign up for free pickup & delivery, if you’ve ever had anything drycleaned by us..

Chances are we’ve already created an account for you! Simply login with the tips below.

  • Your username is your email on file
  • Your password is your last four digits of your primary phone number on file

Here are some must-know tips:

  • Set a new password once you’ve logged in.
  • DO NOT “sign up” or it will duplicate you as a user. Simply “Login” first instead.
  • Having issues? We’re here to help. Give us a call or send us a message directly here.

Stay up to date on the go!

Download our mobile app from The Apple App Store or Google Play.

Frequently Asked Questions

No problem, we’ll check again next time.  If it goes a few weeks we may call to check in on you.

Placing a service hold is easy. Simply visit our website and click “Manage my Dublin Cleaners services” at the top of the screen. Then enter your hold and resume dates, making sure these are both days of the week that are normal for your route. We only ask that you schedule your service hold one day in advance, and before 5pm. We’re also happy to store orders for delivery until the resume date.

No.  There are no minimums and no fees.

You can still benefit from the convenience of Free Pick-up & Delivery. Simply sign up for an “on-call” account and we’ll only stop by when you schedule a pick-up. Requesting a pick-up is as easy as visiting our website and clicking the “Schedule a pick-up” button.In fact, we now have an app that takes literally 5 seconds or less to schedule an on-demand pick-up!

Your garments are taken directly to our state of the art facility where they are checked in and tracked from start to finish.

Most of our clients don’t see our drivers because they are at work.  It is common for our drivers to get a gratuity near the holidays in December.  Keep in mind this is not required, but it is very appreciated for their hard work in all weather all year.

None at all. Our Pick-up & Delivery service has always been free and will always remain that way.

We stop by to pick up your garments twice a week on a set schedule. For example, if your days are Tuesday and Friday, any items picked up Tuesday would be finished and returned to your door on Friday.Note: Some specialty items such as large home goods, alterations / repairs, leathers, fur, and items requiring extra attention will take longer than the next visit to be returned.