Tips for the Bride

Here are some helpful tips starting from pre-wedding planning to special post-wedding steps.


Bring your wedding shoes to your first fitting and every subsequent fitting to avoid hemline discrepancies. Wear the same undergarments to each fitting to ensure consistency of fit. Ideally, these undergarments will be a good representation of those you are wearing on your wedding day.


When hanging your gown utilize the loops inside the gown that are connected to sturdy side seams. Never hang your dress from it’s shoulders or straps. Your dress should be hung high enough so that the hem does not touch the floor.


Take the time to make sure your wedding gown is ready for your big day. A few days before your wedding inspect your gown for loose threads, beads, buttons or seams. Do you see any crushed or crinkled areas? Maybe your dress has been hanging or boxed so long it just needs a nice refreshing pressing? Call us as soon as you find anything and we will ensure that your dress is ready for the big day.


As soon as you arrive on your wedding day, take your gown out of its garment bag. Smooth and fluff out the material including the underskirt and slips. Don’t forget about your veil. Do not use iron or steam on your dress. You don’t want to create any water stains.


Drape a sheet over the front of your gown before making any hair or makeup touch-ups. Wear a button down shirt or robe over your undergarments and hosiery while your hair is finished and your finishing touches are put in place. Then you will are ready to get into your dress.


If you can, try and remain standing after you have put on your dress. If you need to sit down before your walk down the aisle, find a backless chair or stool to ensure that your gown remains full around you, and not squished under you so as to avoid any wrinkling.


If your reception is in a different location than your ceremony, take extra care when going in and out of the car. Make sure to lay your train across the seat next to you (your groom can sit on the other side of you.) Try to sit forward to avoid wrinkling. Pay particular attention when getting in and out of the car. Ask for help if you need it. Avoid the car door, any noticeable puddle, mud and dirt on the ground. Be careful when walking through a garden or landscaped area. The delicate fabrics of your gown are very susceptible to tears and snags.


If you are taking pictures outside bring a white pillowcase or towel to put on the ground so you can stand or sit directly on it to avoid stains to your gown and shoes. Newly sealed driveways and black mulch dye are two of the hardest stains to remove from your dress, avoid these please!


We have seen irreparable damage done to wedding gowns, primarily on back from sparkler use at weddings.  Consider using something else during the festivities as your guests bid you good-bye.


After the wedding, avoid storing your gown in anything plastic. Plastic emits fumes that can yellow the gown and can trap moisture that mildews the gown. Just contact Dublin Cleaners as part of your wedding preparations and we will clean and preserve your wedding gown.


Items such as champagne, cake icing, white wine, clear sugary beverages like sprite, perspiration all dry clear or white and hide on your dress. These are known as “invisible stains”. In time they oxidize to a yellow or brown, much like a sliced apple. These stains become very difficult if not permanent over time. It is very important to clean a gown even if it appears to be clean. This is even more critical on delicate fabrics such as silk and satin that cannot hold up to strong spot removal techniques.

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